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People are always looking for easy ways to consume more veggies as part of a healthy diet. That's where we come in. We've developed inspired vegetable creations that taste great, are easy to make and are good for you.

Our Mission

At Veggie Patch, we know that just because you're choosing to make your meal meatless, you still want something that tastes great and satisfies your craving and your stomach. That's why we've worked hard to develop a wide variety of inspired vegetable creations that are delicious, healthy and convenient. We also recognize that fresh vegetables provide optimum nutrition, but they're not always readily available and kids won't always eat them. Veggie Patch products offer a delicious alternative to plain vegetables in a form that kids and families alike can enjoy, making it quick and easy to serve meals and snacks that everyone will love...Welcome to Veggie Patch!


You ask, we answer...


Can I buy your products online?

We do not currently sell Veggie Patch products online. To find out where you can find our products, please visit our Store Locator page.

Do Veggie Patch products contain genetically modified ingredients?

No, all of our products are completely GMO free!

Are Veggie Patch products kosher?

Our products are made with kosher ingredients, but we are not certified kosher.

Are Veggie Patch products vegan?

The only Veggie Patch product that is vegan is Falafel.

Are Veggie Patch products gluten-free?

Veggie Patch products are not gluten free. Many of our products contain wheat and are coated with breadcrumbs.

Do Veggie Patch products contain MSG?

Nope. All Veggie Patch products are MSG-free!

How come it says “about 3 servings” on my package but there was only 2 ½ in the package?

Our products are packed by weight so whatever the net weight on the package is, your box contains it. Sometimes the pieces in a particular package are a little bit bigger than the average. In that case, it takes fewer pieces to reach the net weight of the package.

What does your 100% guarantee mean on the product box?

If you are not satisfied with your product, please contact us at contactus@veggiepatch.com or at 1-888-MY-VEGGIES and we will provide a refund as long as you have the product container and your receipt.

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Is it safe to give my children products that contain soy?

Yes, soy is a good source of protein for children. The American Academy of Pediatrics has stated that soy formulas are safe for infants. As children switch to solid food, soy based products can provide high quality protein needed for growth. As with all foods, a variety of protein sources is best. Veggie Patch products can provide soy, wheat and dairy proteins.

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Store Locator

I’m having a hard time finding Veggie Patch products in my area. Where are they sold?

Just visit our Store Locator page. Enter your information to find out the store closest to you.

I know my store carries Veggie Patch products, but I can’t find them.

Veggie Patch products are sold in the chilled area of the produce section, usually near the bags of lettuce. If you would like to request that your store carry Veggie Patch, print the following request form. USA | Canada

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Storing and Cooking questions

What is the best way to prepare Veggie Patch products?

Cooking instructions are printed on each package and we indicate the recommended method to prepare that particular product. For most of our products, we recommend making them in the oven or toaster oven, but it does vary by product so please be sure to read the cooking instructions before cooking. We recognize that sometimes you are pressed for time, so all of our products can also be prepared in the microwave.

How do I know if my Veggie Patch product has expired?

We indicate a “Use by” date on the outside of all of our packages to ensure freshness and quality.

How come I bought my product in the produce aisle where it was refrigerated, but it says on the package “Keep refrigerated OR frozen”?

Our chilled products can be eaten up to 2 months later if frozen before the “Use by” date.

How long can we eat Veggie Patch products stored in the refrigerator after opening them?

It's best to eat or freeze Veggie Patch products within 4 days after opening them for the first time.

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